Premium cocoa roaster

Full electric cocoa roaster

  • 5-12,5 kg/batch cocoa bean roasting
  • 10-25 kg/batch cocoa bean roasting
  • 20-40 kg/batch cocoa bean roasting

Full electric premium cocoa roaster

  • 20-25 kg/batch cocoa bean roasting
  • 40-50 kg/batch cocoa bean roasting

Bideli cocoa roaster

  • 3 kg/batch cocoa bean roasting

Beiyan Cocoa Roasters

Bideli Roasted


Professional Cocoa Cracker & Winnowers

Cocoa beans Cracker & Winnower


  • 20-50 kg/h cocoa bean cracking & winnowing

Chocolate factory

  • 25-100 kg cocoa bean cracking & winnowing

Beiyan Cocoa beans Cracker & Winnower

Cocoa beans cracker & winnower


Cocoa grinder to get cocoa paste, cocoa liquor

Cocoa beans Grinder

"Pre-grinder" small grinder

  • 20-60 kg/batch cocoa beans grinding

Colloid mill big grinder

  • 10-20 kg/batch cocoa beans grinding
  • 20-40 kg/batch cocoa beans grinding
  • 30-50 kg/batch cocoa beans grinding
  • 50-10 kg/batch cocoa beans grinding

Beiyan Cocoa beans Grinders

Cocoa beans fine Grinder


Professional Cocoa oil extractor

Cocoa Hydraulic Press

The cocoa oil extractor machine adopts the principle of stepless propulsion and progressive pressurization, so that the pressure of the press chamber increases rapidly, and the oil is separated by fission at one time, the cocoa oil flows out to the oil storage barrel through the oil connection plate.

Beiyan Cocoa butter and powder Press

Small quantity Cocoa oil extractor

With any BNF Cold Press Oil Machine you can extract oil from the following seeds and nuts: Black Cumin, Sunflower seed, Safflower, Canola, Pistachio, Pumpkin Seed, Melon Seed, Babassu Kernel, Palm Kernel, Cumin Seed, Grape Seed, Coconut, Lauri Fructus (Laurel), Apricot Seed, Sesame, Hazelnut, Peanut, Walnut, Opium Poppy, Flax Seed, Almond, Jajoba, Mustard Seed, Nettle Seed, Raspberry Seed, Pepper Seed, Tomato Seed, Rose Hip, Jatropha, Cocoa Bean, Soy Bean, Blueberry Seed, Pomegranate Seed, Barbary Fig Seed, Fig Seed, Lemon Seed, Black Chia Seed, Amaranth, Hemp, Camelina, Moringa Seed, Rapeseed, Baobab Seed, Argan Seed, Primrose Seed, Cotton Seed, Milk Thistle, Cherry Seed, Water Melon Seed, Terebinth Seed, Avocado, Orange Peel...

Beiyan Cocoa butter and powder Extractor

Cocoa Cold Press

Cocoa cake coarse cruser

Cocoa Cake Coarse Crusher

The cocoa cake coarse crusher is the tool to break cocoa cake into parts for fine grinding.

Beiyan Cocoa Cake Coarse Crusher

Universal Powder Crusher

The machine makes use of high speed rotation between the motive teeth disc and the fixed teeth disc. Finished powder directly discharges through the outlet from the grinding cavity collected by cloth bag where air will be gone out under pressure through small pore and fine powder will not be brought out, thereby nothing is in waste and in pollution. The size of granularity is based on sieve meshes. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The teeth grooves in the grinding cavity are designed by precise mechanical equipment. The surface of teeth is smooth and cleaned easily.

Beiyan Universal powder Crushers

Cocoa Cold Press


Beiyan Wet Stone Melangeur

Wet stone mills grinders

High-efficiency melangers, energy-saving, continuous duty motor, engineered specifically to run 24 hours without the risk of overheating and without the need for external cooling fans.

  • 5 kg {EUR 2,300 }
  • 10 kg {EUR 3,900}
  • 20 kg {EUR 5,000}
  • 30 kg {EUR 5,500}
  • 50 kg {EUR 6,000}
  • 70 kg {EUR 6,500}

Beiyan Wet Stone Grinders Melangeurs



The granularity of the material processed by these conching machines can reach 25 microns.

  • 20 kg
  • 40 kg
  • 100 kg
  • 500 kg

Beiyan Chocolate Conches

Beiyan Chocolate Conche


Beiyan Chocolate Holding Tank

High-efficiency chocolate holding tank.

  • 50 l
  • 100 l
  • 150 l
  • 200 l

Beiyan Chocolate Holding Tanks


The chocolate delivery pump is specialized for delivering the chocolate mass. The pump body is with water-circulating heat preservation system. Customers can choose different models according to the flow rate required. The pump can be used individually or with another production line for automatic chocolate mass feeding.

  • 20-25l/mn
  • 30-40l/mn
  • 70l/mn

Beiyan Chocolate Pumps

Beiyan Chocolate Pumps


Semi-automatic chocolate tempering units

Semi automatic tempering machine

  • Semi-automatic chocolate tempering B30M with basic moulding and enrobing belt options

Semi-automatic Chocolate Tempering Machines

Automatic chocolate tempering units

  • BFATM25:Automatic chocolate tempering from 15-25 kg/batch to 80-100 kg/h
  • BFATM60:Automatic chocolate tempering from 50 kg/batch to 200 kg/h
  • BFATM25-EM:Automatic chocolate tempering BFATM25 with basic moulding and enrobing belt options
  • BFATM60-EM:Automatic chocolate tempering BFATM60 with basic moulding and enrobing belt options

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machines

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine


Chocolate Coating and polishing machine

Semi-automatic chocolate coating and polishing machine

  • CCPP400: 6 kg/batch
  • CCPP600: 15 kg/batch
  • CCPP1000: 50 kg/batch

This machine can be used for Coating and polishing chocolates with various shapes, as round, oblate, oval, sunflower seed shaped, cylindrical etc, making it glossy, and shining with lustre on the surface.

Chocolate Coating and polishing machines

Chocolate Tempering Grinding Machine

The chocolate tempering grinding machine is designed to produce chocolate more conveniently. The machine is equipped with its own cooling system, the tank itself is heated.

Chocolate Tempering Grinding Machine

Chocolate Tempering Grinding Machine

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